Hey there, it's me.


Ege Çavuşoğlu

Developer, student, learner.

Connected Organisations

Robert College


About me

Hey there, it's Ege. Wanted to get this site running to tell you more about myself. You can find out more about my professional skills, what I'm busy with and some of my opinions. Enjoy!

I'm currently a junior in Washington University in St Louis studying Computer Science and lovin' it. I also develop software applications for the good and hope they scale to help more people with their daily lives.

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Some projects I am working or have worked on.


chember.co / co founder and tech lead

Twin Science and Robotics

twinscience.com / Software Engineer Intern

Open Source Projects


What I like to do

Frontend Development

I enjoy building user interfaces for web and mobile. I have used Swift, React.js, React Native and Vue.js.

Backend Development

I have built API's using Node.js and Express with authentication and versioning. Deployed them using Docker and AWS.

Computer Vision

I worked with Python & Open CV to help a toy truck drive itself to teach kids about Machine Learning & Computer Vision for an internship.
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Community Service

I like to spend time with kids and tell them about my experiences and listen to theirs. I love it when I'm doing this while teaching them about tech concepts or learning from them.
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I'm social. Getting to know the people I work with, nurturing from the environment and contributing is as important as the product itself. The real power of teams lies in their ability to listen and discuss.


I like to automate things with DevOps. I have used AWS Services like EC2, S3, Load Balancing and implemented CI/CD with Git repositories.


Other than coding, here's what I do.


I like to capture what's around me while travelling and things I find interesting in general.

Share my experiences

Sharing my experience to inspire is something that I need to do more, but here's a start.

Make Music

Creating with friends has always been fun, right?